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Renowned as one of the leading saxophone promoters in Mexico, Omar López has performed around fifty premiers of Mexican musical pieces, being most of them dedicated to him. Electroacoustic, chamber, orchestral and a diversity of experimental fusions are his main musical scopes.

Either as a solo player or taking part of different assembles, Omar López has performed on several stages and festivals from México, Spain, France, China, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Argentina, Portugal, etc., as well as in many TV and radio broadcasting companies from México, Asia & Europe.

He was named coordinator of the project “Saxofón Contemporáneo de
México” (Contemporary saxophone in Mexico), and is the author of the book “El Saxofón en México (Guía para compositores y ejecutantes)” (Saxophone in Mexico – A guide for players and composers). He is the current coordinator of the “Catálogo Mexicano de Obra para Saxofón (Mexican catalogue for saxophone pieces) and the seminar for music composers “El Saxofón en México”.

He has also been a member of the experimental group “Gallina Negra” since 2003, and taken part of “Calleja de las Ánimas” and “Quinteto Javier Nandayapa” quintets, and principal saxophone of the Mexican ensemble LIMINAR.

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