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Full Schedule of Activities

November 8 performers:

About Liminar

Concert  Program

Hilda Paredes


Kaija Saariaho

Lee Hyla

Carlos Iturralde

Carlos Iturralde

Iván Naranjo


for recorders and tape


Oi kuu,

for clarinet and cello


We speak etruscan,

for baritone sax and bass clarinet


Son de la Roma,

for solo viola

   Fata Morgana,

for string trio and winds



for three or more instruments


About the composers

[LIMINAR] is an ensemble of +21 soloists from Mexico. Each member with a large national and international artistic presence whose practices are devoted almost exclusively to contemporary music making this ensemble unique among its kind in Mexico.

[LIMINAR]’s main interest in terms of repertoire ranges from concert music of variable instrumentation to works that find themselves at the limits of music, experimental-music or sound-art. The ensemble is focused on working with living composers and the performance of music repertoire from the past century that has never been played, or is exposed infrequently in Mexico. The programs presented have attracted the attention of an ever-growing audience.

Three years after the first appearance of the ensemble in the musical scene, [LIMINAR] has been intensively active. Part of their activities included performances at various venues and festivals in Mexico, among which stand out Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Festival Cervantino, Festival Puentes, Centro Nacional de las Artes, Fonoteca Nacional, Galería Labor, Museo del Chopo, INDEX/MUAC, Universidad de Querétaro, CMMAS, MUNAL, Goethe Institute, and the Julián Carrillo Auditorium of Radio UNAM. The ensemble has collaborated with other relevant music ensembles such as CEPROMUSIC and Ensamble Chamizo as well as international performers such as acclaimed percussionist Robyn Schulkowsky and accordionist Eva Zöllner. During 2012 [LIMINAR] produced and performed a fall series dedicated to composer John Cage on his hundredth birthday, premiering several of his works in Mexico and performing the major work Atlas Eclipticalis in collaboration with over 50 instrumentalists.

During 2013 [LIMINAR] was holder of the EPROMUSICA grant by the National Institute of the Beauty Arts in Mexico. With this support they developed the spring series Generaciones Liminares in which they premiered more than 10 seminal works of contemporary music repertoire from the 20th century in Mexico. From this project the ensemble commissioned new works from three emerging Mexican composers which were premiered at the series. As part of this series the revival of Preludio a Colón by composer Julián Carrillo took place in collaboration with researchers, specialized performers on Carrillo’s music and the Fundación Carrillo from San Luis Potosi México.

As part of the ensemble engagement with the realization of new music [LIMINAR] has worked jointly with relevant and recognized living composers doing programmatic concerts of their music in direct collaboration with them. These collaborations include composers such as Ignacio Baca Lobera, Hilda Paredes, Martijn Tellinga, Roberto Morales, Juan Sebastian Lach, Carlos Sandoval, Manfred Werder, Michael Pisaro, Carola Bauckholt, and most recently experimental composer Christian Wolff; for which

[LIMINAR] organized a series of concerts and premiers to celebrate the composer’s 80th Birthday at the Jumex Foundation, the Goethe Institute and the Contemporary Art Museum of the National University (UNAM).

Besides promoting and conducting concerts [LIMINAR] is interested in the development of young composers and instrumentalists within the new music realm. The ensemble has made a call for new works as the Convocatoria Liminar 2013 to premier works of young composers and has worked collaboratively with the Escuela Superior de Música of INBA to perform student compositions of the electro-acoustic studio. [LIMINAR] has offered the workshop UMBRALES for two consecutive years while in residency at the Center for New Arts and Technologies of the Arts Center of San Luis Potosi. These workshops are focused on the techniques, aesthetics and practice of new works and contemporary music repertoire.

Artistic Direction and Coordination Alexander Bruck, Carmina Escobar, Carlos Iturralde

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